Voyaging South

Vast and remote, the Subantarctic and Southern Ocean have drawn explorers since the 17th century. For years I safely voyaged these seas in the pages of novels, legends, accounts fact and fiction, tackling ice crusted rocky outcrops and chasing whales through the eyes of explorers, navigators and scientists. Then in 2015 I had the chance to experience the wild and awe-inspiring southern latitudes, spending Christmas in the Auckland Islands and New Years Eve under the Aurora Australis, documenting my journey for this website.

Voyaging South looks at the environments and histories of exploration and exploitation in the Southern Ocean, Macquarie Island and 3 of New Zealand’s Subantarctic Island groups, and what is happening in the Subantarctic today from climate change to fisheries and plastic pollution. The articles contain links to further information and references on topics covered.

Journals and photographs from my trip to the Subantarctic in December 2015 accompany the articles. I was able to travel to this remote region thanks to Heritage Expeditions generously providing a scholarship berth on their ‘Galapagos of the Southern Ocean’ expedition (22/12/15-3/1/16).  More information about the fantastic support I received can be found here.

The course of my journey is shown in the map below:

Voyage Map Nov 2016

Map background by Google Maps

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